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Master The Art Of Waxing And Secure A Lucrative Career For Life

Did you know that you could learn how to become an expert in female intimate waxing and secure a lucrative career for life by obtaining a Madame Wax female intimate waxing certificate?

It’s a sad fact that most qualified beauty therapists have only been trained to be competent intimate waxers with very few learning the principles, processes and techniques that make an intimate wax appointment an exceptional experience for their clients.

Being able to deliver an exceptional experience leads to clients who are happy to pay more, consistently refer you to their friends and become loyal customers for life, and this is what a Madame Wax female intimate waxing certificate can do for you.

If you’re a conventionally trained and certified waxing therapist, where is the one place you can go where you are guaranteed to learn how to deliver an exceptional intimate waxing client experience and secure for yourself the financial and career building rewards that go with it?

It’s here! At the Madame Wax Masterclass Academy, where we will teach you everything you need to know with expert instruction and support every step
of the way.

Our coveted and accredited female intimate mastery course is designed to give you a competitive edge and set you apart as a successful wax therapist in the industry, to be able to meet the high standards demanded and securing you a lucrative career for life.


Female Intimate
Hot Wax Course


What you'll get from this course

Train at our Multi Award Winning Salon

Your full day of hands on practical training at the Madame Wax Academy means you’ll benefit from our experience.

Train at our Multi Award Winning Salon

Prepare to be wowed by the Madame Wax masterminds! We’ve crafted the ultimate female intimate waxing masterclass, featuring our signature waxing method, which will be taught to you during your 1 full day of practical learning at the salon. All you have to do is soak up the info and stick to the plan, and you’ll be a waxing master in no time.

Meet Courtney

A highly experienced and dedicated wax therapist with 4 years of service at Madame Wax. As a trainer, she is passionate about helping other beauticians improve their skills. In her leisure time, Courtney enjoys reading, TV, cooking, and spending time with her loved ones outdoors, weather permitting. She also loves spending quality time with her furry companion, Pumpkin.

Upcoming Masterclass Dates

Sunday 26th November 2023

Sunday 10th December 2023

Sunday 7th January

Sunday 4th February

Sunday 3rd March

After you’ve purchased your Masterclass, select your date at the start of your online theory.

To be eligible for enrolment onto our female Intimate wax course, you must have an NVQ level 2 beauty therapy qualification or a basic waxing certification under your belt. Additionally, you will need to have at least 6 months of waxing experience within the past year. So, bring your qualifications and experience, and get ready to wax on, wax off.


You’ll complete the online theory at home first before attending a day of practical training, then you will have 4 weeks after the courses practical completion to submit 3 case studies to us via email. 


You’ll be able to access the online course theory for life! But you’ll also be given a laminated hard copy of our training manual at your practical course day which will also include all the course theory. 


Yes, this is standard practice for all female intimate waxing courses. So, make sure to keep your lady garden au naturel for at least 4 weeks before the course. No waxing, shaving or creams allowed! 


Listen up waxing wizards-in-training! If you don’t want to bare it all for your classmates, fear not! Just bring a stand-in model with at least 1cm of hair (this will mean you bring 2 models in total). But beware, if you fail to model, or bring a replacement model. This will result in you failing the course and losing your course fee. 


Our goal is to make sure every student gets as much hands-on experience as possible which is why you will get to practice on 2 models. Unlike other waxing courses, where students typically only work on each other, we go the extra mile to provide a well-rounded learning experience.


We maintain strict standards for our courses, to pass the course, you must demonstrate the necessary level of skill in the practical assessments, sufficient competency in the written test paper and submit 3 case studies. If your trainer determines that you did not achieve the necessary level of skill and competence in any of the practical or written assessments or you fail to submit 3 case studies you will ultimately fail the course. However, you may re-take the course at the next available course date for only 50% of the course cost. To ensure a successful outcome, we strongly advise that you have prior experience in traditional “pot and spatula” waxing.


Class sizes will typically be limited to four students with one instructor for every two students. We believe that small class sizes are essential for providing individual attention to each student.

If you cancel or change your booking up to 28 days before your course is due to start, you will receive a 100% refund of any fees paid, minus 15% to cover administration fees. If you cancel or change your booking less than 28 days before your course is due to start, no refunds will be issued, and any outstanding fees owed to us will also be payable by you. 

Note that the following occurrences are also non-refundable:

  • Failure to attend a booked course without prior notice.
  • Failure to bring a model/s. 
  • If you or your model/s attend without the required length of hair (at least 1cm). 
  • If you fail to pass the course on the day.
  • If you fail to pass the course on your 2nd attempt.

Please wear clothes fitting for a professional salon setting.


Yes! A certificate of completion will be issued via email upon successful completion of your theory, practical assessments and 3 case studies.


After successfully completing the course by submitting your 3 case studies and acquiring your certificate, you will get the chance to return to the Madame Wax salon for an hour, bringing a model with you and your trainer will observe you performing an intimate wax. This fantastic opportunity gives you the chance to show off your newfound expertise. Apart from performing a female intimate wax, you can use the time however you want to ensure you benefit from it the best you can. You can ask for any advice you may need or get any lingering questions you may have answered. And the best part? This bonus opportunity is completely free and available for you to benefit from for up to 3 months after completing the course and obtaining your certificate. Date options will be provided to you by us.