Why get yourself Madame Waxed?

Stripped Bare. Why get yourself Madame Waxed?

If you want to look and feel your absolute best, you’ll be amazed at how fabulous a Madame Wax makes you feel.

After all, fuzz-free skin somehow feels more feminine – doesn’t it?

When you have silky smooth legs, stripped underarms and a well-tamed bush, you just feel more confident and seductive. And it shows…

Stop shaving

So whilst you can get hair-free by shaving, don’t you find those razor nicks annoying? And isn’t it frustrating when your smooth skin scratches like a bristle brush within a few hours?

So tell me, why would you lather up the shaving foam and practice yoga in the bath, when you can become hair-free in minutes with a Madame Wax?

Get waxing

I promise you, waxing is far better at sorting your annoying, unwanted hair than any shave kit.

And not only will you stay hair-free for longer, but your hair will grow back finer and slower too. Whilst everyone is different, your Madame Wax could leave you silky smooth for up to THREE WEEKS. How glorious would that feel?

Get hair-free – pain-free

Good news! Waxing is not nearly as painful as you imagine.

We only use the BEST wax, and you’ll get a quick, confident treatment. There’s no faffing and our meticulous attention to detail will leave no hair standing. At Madame Wax you get all the “Oooh” without the “Ouch”.

So don’t stay away because you feel awkward. We’ll keep you distracted with our friendly conversation. And after seeing countless body parts, there’s very little that shocks!

Book your Madame Wax NOW

If you’d like to say goodbye to unsightly razor nicks, tame your overgrown bush, and leave feeling “Ooh la la”, get Madame Waxed.

To get started, simply check out the Waxing Menu, and get over to Cardiff’s premier waxing salon, NOW. You’ll be glad you did.