Waxing during Pregnancy

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Spring is in full swing (at last!), One Born Every Minute has been back on the telly (if you were brave enough to watch it) and I’m so happy to announce the arrival of my baby niece, Arianna!

So ladies, I thought I’d get down to the nitty gritty of waxing during pregnancy and cover some of our most frequently asked questions from mums-to-be…

Is it safe for me to have a wax whilst pregnant?

Yes, there is no evidence to suggest otherwise. However, you may feel more sensitive due to the changes that come along with pregnancy.

When is it safe for me to get waxed?

We have lots of ladies in the salon who continue with their waxing at all stages of their pregnancy. In fact we’ve had ladies in the salon up to a few days before their due date to avoid the possibility of shaving at the hospital. And don’t worry; we’re more than happy to help you up onto and down from the table!

What are the benefits?

You’ll feel great. And lets face it; if you can’t see it, you probably can’t wax it! We can get to those hard to reach spots that your bump might be obstructing, making you feel like a yummy mummy in no time at all.

What sort of wax can I have?

Any style of wax is OK. Just continue your waxing routine as usual. And do whatever feels comfortable for you.

Will it hurt more?

You may be a bit more sensitive during pregnancy, as you’ll have more blood flowing to your skin. However, our hot non-strip wax coupled with a good ol’ catch up ensures that your waxing experience is as pain free as possible.

Choosing the right salon…

Choosing where to go for prenatal waxing is very important. Hygiene is really important to us, as we’re sure it is to you. Here at Madame Wax we don’t double dip our wax spatulas and we like to keep our salon the same way we like our clients to feel: spick & span!


If you’ve got some good news, then please share it with us at your next appointment and feel free to ask us anything you want to.

And be assured that you’re in safe hands, at our 5 star rated BABTAC insured salon,

Love Auntie Wax x

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    I want to leave feedback for you Adele. Especially whilst I was pregnant. Where can I do this. See you soon. Claire