Waxing Pet Peeves – Cleanliness

Well, my post last week certainly got tongues wagging! No sooner had I pressed ‘publish’ than people were telling me their bad experiences at waxing or beauty salons (not mine I hasten to add!).

By far the biggest pet peeve is cleanliness. Yes, it’s as basic as that. Stories ranged from plain old dirty floors and surfaces to many grimmer things than that.

Waxer extraordinaire Andy Rouillard mentioned that he is disgusted when he sees open bins filled with the wax (and therefore the hair) of the previous customer. And who can blame him? Come on people, empty your bins before the next client arrives!

Personally, I have seen some horrors in my time, and often from salons marketing themselves as luxury destinations. There is nothing deluxe about dirty stains on towels, surfaces caked in old rock-hard wax or seeing cotton wool balls strewn around an overfilled pedal bin.

In the same way that you can tell a lot about a hotel by the state of its toilets, you can tell an awful lot about the quality of a salon by the standard of its hygiene. Think of it this way – if they are careless about cleanliness, what else are they careless about?

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