Here’s How To Help a Nervous Wax Virgin

12562D2133I’m curious… Can you remember how you felt before your first wax?

  • Perhaps you were nervous it would hurt?
  • Were you worried that you’d feel embarrassed?
  • Maybe the thought of displaying your nether regions to a stranger totally freaked you out!

But then what happened when you actually went through with it? To be specific, was the treatment as ‘bad’ as you expected?

If you popped your waxing cherry with one of the Madame Wax team, then I’m pretty sure your worst nightmare DID NOT come true!

In fact, it’s possible that you experienced minimal discomfort and ZERO embarrassment. And there’s a good reason why. Without diverging our trade secrets, one of the techniques that differentiates a ‘Madame Wax’ is our ‘double-wax’. This is an advanced technique that I was taught – and something I’ve never experienced in any other salon. It’s so subtle that it’s unlikely you’re aware of this finishing touch, but its the reason your skin is left peachy soft and the process is pretty much pain-free.

And don’t underestimate the power of the Madame Wax vibe. It’s in all our highly skilled waxologists and because you’re so busy nattering and catching up, don’t be surprised if you forget what’s happening on the treatment couch.

I promise you – the wax horror you’re anticipating won’t happen when you book with us.

Is it really true?

But I hear what you’re saying.

It’s easy to say all this reassuring stuff, but what happens if the mere thought of a wax still fills you with dread? I know this fear is quite common. And it saddens me that the perception of what a wax will be like can stop people booking the treatment that will give them the results they want.

For example, I was speaking with a good friend the other day and she confided in me that she’s never had a wax. She told me that she did try a DIY wax – once – whilst at uni. She described how she dutifully grew her hair to the required length and applied the strip wax. She tried to pull it off, but bottled it. She couldn’t face the pain and so she used a pair of nail scissors to slowly cut the wax off her legs. (No wonder she’s scarred for life!)

The sad think is that my friend is missing out from all the pleasures of having a wax. And if I know women like this, them I’m sure you do too.

So here’s what I’ve decided…

Gently gently

FullSizeRenderI understand that booking a treatment – if you’re a wax virgin – can bring you out in a hot sweat. After all, there are so many unknowns. And that’s why we’ve got an open-door policy here at Madame Wax.

In short, if you want to check out the salon (and the team) before you take the plunge and book a treatment, feel free to come in. This offer applies if:

  • You’re reading this, secretly want a wax, but you’re a little but scared about what to expect OR
  • If you’re one of our customers and your bestie is a wax scaredy!

If you pop in you’re under no pressure to book anything, but when you get a feel for the salon it might just help to put your mind at ease.

And remember, there’s no need to book a Hollywood on your first visit. A high leg wax is a great way to break yourself in. So do come and visit us. We’re in Cardiff city centre above Tesco’s. You’ll find all the team are very friendly (and extremely talented). We’d love to help you overcome your waxing fears so you can feel ‘ooh la la’ like our hundreds of happy customers who visit us again and again.

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