100% Money Back Guarantee On Waxing in Cardiff

Does your waxing salon offer a 100% money back guarantee? Madame Wax does. 

The reason we do this is because we want you to experience a really good, on-trend wax… because it can change the way you feel. We call the body confidence that comes from waxing “ooh la la”. It’s unmissable – even addictive!

It’s one of the reasons hundreds of women flock to our award-winning, specialist waxing salon EVERY MONTH.

And whilst the salon is no longer a poorly kept secret, I’m certain there are plenty of people who’d love a wax, but are yet to pay us a visit.

Is that you?

If so, I’m curious… what’s stopping you getting the super smooth, luscious skin you want? 

Waxing doesn’t hurt like you think

Now perhaps you’re yet to book because you’re a tad nervous about the perceived pain. If so, you’re not alone!

Again, lots of our clients tell us they were nervous too, but here’s the thing… pain from waxing increases if you’re tense or nervous. It’s why we take the time to ensure you’re totally relaxed before we start.  So don’t let fear put you off!

“I was putting off having a wax done for ages and think I built myself up so much before going I was a shaking mess when I first went in, but now I’m so glad I went for it! Don’t know why I didn’t go sooner as I love the results. The team are really professional and remember all of their customers, you couldn’t ask for a better service! I would 100% recommend them to anyone who wants any waxing done, see you soon Madame Wax!!”

Becky Maxwell – 5* Facebook Review

Waxing is an investment in a happier you

11695797_854320514656472_6040410341802530737_nMaybe you’re wondering if the cost is worth it? Sure, we’re not the cheapest waxing salon in Cardiff, but for good reason:

  1. We’re an award-winning salon. We won the beauty category at last year’s Cardiff Life Awards and our founder, Adele Sweet is the Welsh Hair & Beauty Awards reigning Therapist of the Year
  2. Madame Wax offers wax treatments exclusively. Whilst all staff are qualified beauty therapists they only wax. It’s the reason we’re so good at what we do. After all, practice makes perfect – right?
  3. Our signature, double wax technique ensures you’ll find no unwanted hair standing – leaving you with the smoothest skin possible

“This is the only salon I recommend to all my friends!” – Georgina Ro – 5* Facebook review

You won’t feel embarrassed

Maybe you feel uncomfortable because you don’t know what to expect. Maybe you think you’ll feel embarrassed when you’re on the treatment couch. I promise this won’t happen at Madame Wax.

Of course the end result matters. You want super soft skin and no unwanted hair standing. But the way you feel during the experience is just as important.

That’s why you’ll find our fun, friendly vibe remains the same each and every time you come for treatment.

So don’t let embarrassment put you off getting the hair-free skin you really want. We’ve seen everything before. There’s never any judgement and our sole focus is to ensure you leave with the “ooh la la!”

“I had my second ever wax today and despite the long trip and train delays, it was worth it. I was going for first class treatment….and yes I did come out with an oooh la la Brazilian! I have always been shy and embarrassed about these things but stepping into Madame Wax the first time a month ago changed things. They make you feel at ease in a very comfortable, hygienic environment. I would recommend Madame Wax to everyone. I wonder what I’ll go for next time! I’m so glad I found you lol!”

Jane Haynes – 5* Facebook Review

Wax in confidence with our 100% money back guarantee

canstockphoto10992425We’ve made a lot of promises about what you’ll experience at Madame Wax – and because we’re so confident in our ability to give you a great experience, we offer a no-quibble money back guarantee. 

Here’s how it works…

“If for any reason you’re not happy with your treatment, simply tell your therapist before you leave the treatment room and you won’t be charged a penny for your wax – simple.” 

So there you go… there really is no reason not to treat yourself to the super soft skin that comes from being Madame Waxed.

Looking for waxing in Cardiff? To book your treatment simply contact us.

A flavour of what our lovely customers say

“Amazing service. I was put at ease as soon as I arrived. I was very nervous being new to the Madame wax unique way of waxing but how wrong I was to be scared and sceptical. The first class service made me feel like I was at a spa not tending to my waxing needs. Aftercare advice was something I hadn’t been given at previous salons, Madame wax made the whole after care easy and oh so worth it! made my wax last longer and look so much better for longer. Thanks to my friend for introducing me to the wonderful world of Madame wax. Will be visiting time and time again. A Ladies! Xx”

Natalie Jones – 5* Facebook Review

“I’ve been visiting Madame Wax since October and they are by far the best waxing specialists that I’ve visited. The results last for weeks and it’s so much better than shaving. I self waxed my armpits the other day and realised just how spoiled I’ve been by the hot wax system! The staff are lovely and friendly, put you completely at ease! I completely and without reservation recommend the staff and the service!”

Bel Romain – 5* Facebook review

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