Trendsetting waxes, cheeky vibes, and super soft skin (it’s all in a day’s work!)

IMG_2465Us women are under a lot of pressure to look good, defy ageing, multitask, hold a job, take care of the kids, look sexy… OMG, doesn’t it get right on your nerves some times? In an age where perfection is photoshopped, the goal posts don’t move – they’re practically unachievable!

And that’s where a wax can help (bear with me here…)

When I set up Madame Wax I always knew we’d be offering more than hair removal.

Sure, our lovely clients want to get rid of their unwanted hair for convenience. Let’s be honest it’s a right pain shaving off your stubble every couple of days. Especially when the kids are screaming for breakfast and you can’t be late for work! But the real reason women get hooked to waxing goes far deeper… the feeling of super soft, hair-free skin makes you look and feel good.

Wanna feel good about yourself?

Yes, you can have beautiful hair-free legs today!Here at the salon we call it “ooh la la” – and it’s tangible.

Clients walk out of Madame Wax that little bit taller with a spring in their step. I think it’s because waxing speaks to our femininity. When you get a really good wax, it looks amazing (and the results can last up to thweeks). In fact, I reckon every women should give waxing a try. It’s NEVER as painful as you think (we have our ways you know) and it can change the way you feel in your skin.

And you can trust us to keep you on-trend.

Here at Cardiff’s award-winning specialist waxing salon, we keep a close eye on ‘what’s hot’. You’ve guessed it… Brazilians continue to be our most popular treatment. We do HUNDREDS each month – and every woman has their preference. For example, hot right now is the Hollywood.

Fun, friendly, and cheeky!

FullSizeRenderI can’t think of many other treatments where you get butt high on a treatment couch willingly!

We appreciate the trust that our clients give to us – and that’s why we put so much emphasis on service. Not only are we seriously good at what we do, but you’ll get an experience when you come to see us too. In fact, some clients tell us they look forward to their wax (honestly!) They love the banter and the vibe. Others have shifted around their diaries (even cancelling important business courses) because a Madame Wax has become their must-have. Whoever you see, whether that’s Lindsey, Robyn, Sheldon, or me, you’ll get the same experience – because every waxologist that works under the Madame Wax brand is recruited for their personality as well as their skill.

You’re amazing 🙂

2015 has been a pretty awesome year:



  • We celebrated our first year at the new salon back in May (attended by the GORGEOUS Butlers in the Buff!) Thanks to our customers and generous Cardiff businesses we made a four-figure donation to local dog charities from the proceeds of our birthday raffle
  • There was our victory at this year’s Cardiff Life Awards and The Welsh Hair & Beauty Awards. Yup, I am still officially Beautician of the Year for Wales!
  • We opened our Sameday emergency waxing clinic
  • Took Madame Wax on the road to South Wales’ businesses
  • Increased our opening times to make it even easier to get the treatments you love



So as I sign off for 2015, I want to say a HUMUNGOUS THANKS to all our amazing customers. We have THE best clients in the world!

Have a great New Year and keep on waxing 🙂

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