Waxing during Pregnancy

Spring is in full swing (at last!), One Born Every Minute has been back on the telly (if you were brave enough to watch it) and I’m so happy to announce the arrival of my baby niece, Arianna! So ladies, I thought I’d get down to the nitty gritty of waxing during pregnancy and cover […]

Common waxing courtesies

We all love to know the right way to behave in given situations, don’t we? It’s safe to say there’s some nice, straightforward etiquette worth following in the world of waxing. I’m here today to give some top tips on ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’ pre, post and during a wax appointment. You owe it to us to be as […]

Waxing Pet Peeves – Cleanliness

Well, my post last week certainly got tongues wagging! No sooner had I pressed ‘publish’ than people were telling me their bad experiences at waxing or beauty salons (not mine I hasten to add!). By far the biggest pet peeve is cleanliness. Yes, it’s as basic as that. Stories ranged from plain old dirty floors […]