No pain no gain?

Madame Wax confirms it doesn’t have to be all about pain for fuzz free gain.

In a recent interview in New York, Gwyneth Paltrow revealed that best celeb pal Cameron Diaz holds her down every time she has a bikini wax. Bit extreme perhaps?

Paltrow gets pinned down by pal Diaz at each waxing appointment

That said, for the uninitiated, the mere thought of a Brazilian can bring on a wince. Mention a Hollywood and you can guarantee their toes will be curling.

But many a Madame Wax client has survived (and enjoyed) their treatment without their best bud by their side.

Here Madame Wax gives her top five tips for making your next bikini wax as painless as possible:

1.    Choose the right salon

Hard or hot wax is nothing short of essential when it comes to hair removal in important and sensitive places. Make sure the salon you choose is using hot wax on your bikini line.

At the same time you want to be comfortable with the therapist – lose your self consciousness and speak up if you’re in any pain at all whatsoever. The therapist is there to help  – and ultimately ensure you’re not in any pain in the first place!

2.    Eyes on the prize

Instead of plaguing yourself with worry about how much it’s going to hurt, think instead about just how amazing you’ll feel once it’s all done. Many of my clients leave floating on Cloud 9! The more worried you are, the more it’s going to hurt.

3.    Nurofen is your (Cameron Diaz equivalent) best friend

45 minutes before your appointment think about popping a painkiller if you’re particularly concerned about being in any pain. Nurofen is great as it’s not only a painkiller but has anti-inflammatory properties too

4.    Schedule your wax at the right point in your cycle – and time of day

Right before your period your skin is at its most sensitive. At least three days before your cycle is due to kick in is advised as one of the better times to book your wax, as is the week following your period.

Also, our pain thresholds tend to be higher later in the day so think about coming along between 3pm and 5pm if you’re especially concerned.

5.    What to wear when you’re bare

Plan the right outfit to head home in after your wax. Don’t have anything that’s going to sit too closely / tightly to the skin and cause general discomfort. Something nice and floaty should see you right. This is just one of the many considerations for after care – more on that another time.

Does the thought of pain associated with a wax put you off having one?

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