New Year’s Waxolutions

Happy New Year to all my clients and readers of this blog!

I hope you had a great festive period and that you’re all raring to go in 2013. I know that I am.

Lots of people seem to poo-poo the idea that a new year means a fresh start, but I am not one of them. For me, a new year is a chance to start over or freshen things up, both in my personal and professional life. And this year is no different.

In 2012, Madame Wax went from strength to strength and I want to continue that trend in 2013. So I have set myself some waxolutions (resolutions just don’t cut it for a professional waxer!).

  1. Keep on expanding Madame Wax.
  2. Extend Madame Wax’s range of treatments and depilation techniques.
  3. Continue training and striving for the best results possible.
  4. Seek new clients.

Each of these points feeds into one another, and I cannot wait to put my plans into action. In fact, I wasn’t intending to return to the wax pot until Wednesday the 9th of January. But my head has been buzzing so much with new ideas during my time off, I’ve decided to go back in a day early. Yes, that’s how much I love waxing.

I really can’t wait to share all my news with you as it happens. So keep reading in 2013!

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