Membership FAQ's

Learn more about how our memberships work!

We’re so happy you asked! You can be a member for as long as you want after your initial 6 months are up. Package offerings are auto renewable unless cancelled by either party.

 You must commit to a minimum term of 6 months. After the 5th month, you can cancel your membership package by giving us 30 days’ notice in writing to

Firstly, congratulations! Another addition to the Madame Wax family. Secondly, unfortunately, you cannot be waxed during your first trimester, but not to worry because once you provide us with proof of pregnancy with a maternity exemption certificate (MatEx card) or letter from your GP on headed paper, we will either freeze or refund your payments for up to 3 months during your first trimester in which no membership benefits were used, the action we take depends on when proof is provided.

It means that you can come and have as many intimate waxes as you like, as frequently as you like, providing the hair is long enough (1cm which is about 4-6 weeks of growth).

Have a query? email our membership team at: