Madame Wax Recommends – Outback Organics Gold Wax

Those of you who follow me on either Twitter or Facebook will know that earlier this week, I undertook a little training course to brush up on my male waxing knowledge. The course I took was with Andy Rouillard, who is an all round darling. And he’s not just a pretty face either, because he has helped to develop the product I’m talking about in this post – Gold Wax by Outback Organics.

Outback Organics Gold Wax
Outback Organics Gold Wax

Back in March I started trialling Gold Wax. And the upshot of it all is that I absolutely love it! It didn’t take me long to come to that conclusion either.

It goes on wonderfully thinly and therefore dries quicker. This makes it perfect for lunch time waxers who are in a rush! I find that there’s a lot less redness after it’s removed too and certainly no tugging. This means that there’s less chance of ingrowing hairs for the client to be concerned with.

My wax of choice for years has been Perron Rigot, as I mentioned in my last post. However, I shall now be using that alongside Outback Organics Gold Wax too.

Bravo Outback Organics and Andy Rouillard – great job!

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