It’s Snow Joke

Guess where I am right now? I’m actually standing next to my wax pot, spatula at the ready. Where the heck else would I be? Well, if the news/Twitter/Facebook are to be believed, I should be at home, under the duvet having a ‘snow day’. Seriously.

The thing is, I happen to love my job and am so grateful that I can go to do something I enjoy every day. I also have an obligation to my clients to be there at their allotted time spot. I can’t stand the thought of letting customers down. Without them, I would have no business, put simply.

Last Friday, I woke up to a thick blanket of snow outside my door (and our house is on a very steep street). I was going to get to work no matter what though. By the time I donned all my waterproofs and shoes, I looked a bit like this –


But I got to the salon in good time. My clients were happy that their appointments were honoured, and I was grateful that most of them turned up to see me.

So, let it be known that unless she is at death’s door, Madame Wax will always be found manning her wax pot and spatula, come hell or high water or snow!

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