Waxing: How To Prepare Your Summer Body

waxing-servicesWoo hoo! Spring is definitely here, and the early warmth of summer is beginning to sneak up on us.

And that means one thing…

It’s time to prime your beach body and get yourself ready for those long lazy evenings. Here are our top tips to help you feel body beautiful:

1.  Exfoliate

We love “A Bit of Rough”. This luxurious exfoliating cloth is delicious to use and is available in the salon.

Exfoliation as part of an ongoing beauty regime is a very good thing. Not only does it help to slough away dry skin and rejuvenate those dull patches, it can help to prevent ingrown hair too.

Ingrowing hairs happen when the hair follicle gets blocked, preventing the hair shaft escaping the skin. Through exfoliation, you can help remove blockages and allow those hairs to spring free. So say goodbye to those unsightly blemishes and painful spots.

2.  Let it grow

If you want to use waxing as a way to stay hair free for longer, you need to stop shaving until your hair reaches the magic length. We require a minimum of a ¼ inch of hair growth. No exceptions.

We’re strict like that because we have your best interests at heart. While you can wax shorter length hair, there will likely be some growth lurking beneath the surface. As such, your super soft skin won’t last long because those strands will quickly poke through and spoil the look.

But with a ¼ inch of growth, the wax can take a firm grip, and you can feel confident that all your hair is above surface meaning no hair will be left standing.

3.  Moisturise

Outback Organics is our product of choice – and this delicious hand & body lotion is one of our favourite in the range.

Pre-wax moisturising can help to soften your hair follicles and the surrounding skin (although we don’t recommend that you moisturise on the day of your wax). As such regular moisturizing can make waxing that little more comfortable.

In addition, moisturisers can help hydrate the skin and keep it looking (and feeling) soft and silky. As such, a good body moisturizer is an ideal way to prolong the silky smooth sensation you get post-wax. Here at Madame Wax we’re a little bit in love with Outback Organics. We think you’ll find the Hand and Body Lotion is just divine.

4.  Book ahead

The salon tends to be extra busy during the summer – so do book ahead to avoid disappointment.

A good wax can leave you hair free for up to three weeks, so there’s no need to book your appointment on the day you travel. Instead, book a couple days before you go. And if you want to maintain that just bare feeling, consider booking regular waxes (every four to six weeks). And remember… regular waxing can actually reduce hair growth over the longer-term (yay!)

At the salon, we have convenient appointment slots throughout the week making it easy for you to find a time that suits. All body parts are welcome! Our top to toe waxing menu has you covered, so whether you want to de-fuzz your pins, tame your lady garden, or unleash your underarms, you’ll be in safe hands.

5.  Don’t stress!

You can feel a lot of pressure to be body beautiful at this time of the year. As the temperature heats up, you want to wear fewer clothes. But remember, real beauty goes much deeper than your physical appearance. You don’t have to be stick thin to be sexy. You just have to know how to make the very best of what you’ve got and feel comfortable in your own skin. Do that and your inner confidence will shine through – and that is irresistible.

Waxing can help boost your body confidence (if hair-free skin is important to you). So bin your razor, bid farewell to those crazy yoga shaving poses, and get yourself down to the award-winning Madame Wax.

See you soon 🙂

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