How To Feel Young And Youthful If You Live In Cardiff

Adele Sweet, Cardiff's Madame Wax
I’m Adele Sweet. Welsh Beautician of the Year (Welsh Hair & Beauty Awards) and founder of Madame Wax. I’ve made a new skin care discovery, which I can’t WAIT to share with you…

If you’ve ever had that just waxed ‘ooh la la’, then you’ll know what I mean…

The before and after difference is visible… seriously, you should see how our clients confidently leave the salon after their treatment. Somehow, they stand just a little taller. It’s fab!

And here’s the thing…

A top-notch wax isn’t just about the hair removal.

Instead, it’s about the way it makes you feel.

Sure, waxing is convenient (who wants to do daily yoga in the bath with a razor anyway). But the biggest draw is that youthful, body confidence you get from a seriously good wax. Let’s be honest, hair-free skin somehow looks fresher – especially when you exfoliate and moisturise it.

But that’s not all…

Have you noticed that when you feel good about the way you look, your confidence soars?

It’s not superficial

I know this is a debatable topic – and I firmly believe real beauty is far more than your physical appearance.

That said, I still want to take good care of myself. I want to feel youthful and highlight my best bits! I know that when I feel good about the way I look, I feel more self-assured – and I’m sure you feel the same. What’s more, this confidence affects my work, my relationships, and my social life. So don’t blame me for wanting more of the same!

So when you discover a skin care product that takes years off you, leaves your skin looking refreshed and rejuvenated, and boosts your confidence, wouldn’t you shout about it too?

Thought so!

Look - a no make up selfie! That's how confident I feel about my skin after using these products.
Look – a no make-up selfie! That’s how confident I feel about my skin after using these products.

I know you’re going to LOVE this

Here’s what happened…

Recently, I discovered a brand new line of skin care products – and I’d LOVE to share my new ‘secret’ with you. I’ve tested these products for the last couple of weeks and I’ve been blown away by the results.

It’s true, I’m blessed with good skin, but I’ve never looked more healthy and more vibrant than I do right now. I even feel brave enough to include a no make-up selfie in this blog!

I am seriously HOOKED on this new range. So if, like me, you’d like to have youthful looking skin, I think you might like these products too.

Now I don’t make this recommendation lightly. I take great care and pride in the products I use and sell in the salon – after all, it affects my reputation. And that’s why I’d never recommend anything that I didn’t trust or believe in myself. But of course, the choice is yours (and I can’t guarantee any results).

But does it really work?

FullSizeRenderThere is some science behind the results these products promise.

This new skin care range is designed to improve cell performance and longevity. In a nutshell, these products use a patent pending Stem Cell Innovation, which helps to generate new skin cells. I’ve also discovered it’s all 100% certified organic.

That said, I get you may be skeptical… especially if you’re desperate to reduce those fine lines, tighten up your skin, and even out its tone. It’s awful to get your hopes up only to feel disappointed by the poor results of the latest ‘miracle cream’. And while I can’t guarantee these products will suit everyone, my personal opinion is they’re worth a closer look.

See the results for yourself

Now I could harp on for ages about the brilliance of these products, but nothing I say will be as effective as this short video.

So take a look and if you’re blown away and want to know more,  either pop into the salon (we’re conveniently located in the city centre) or give Lindsay, Robyn, or myself a call.

I’ve got samples which you can check out right now – so do come and see us for a closer look.

Here’s to your beautiful skin…

P.S. Remember to watch the video now! Just CLICK HERE.

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