Hairy Is Scary – Banish Those Halloween Spiders TODAY!

12562D2133Be warned…

With Halloween is on its way, you may have a lot more to fear than the pesky ‘trick or treaters’ who’ll be hounding your doorstep in their crazy costumes on their quest for sweets.

Instead, you’ve got to deal with that creature in your feature… because it’s getting bigger – and there’s no getting away from this ghoulish apparition because it’s literally STUCK to you!


Can I be straight with you?

That excess growth in your nether regions – you know, nature’s warm gift to you (and the ‘gift’ that keeps on giving) – has got to go.

You simply don’t need it. And the same goes for the fuzz under your arms and the stubble on your legs. It’s freaky!

Back in the days when body fur helped to keep us warm you may have been forgiven for being a “hairy Mary”, but nowadays excess fur is frightening – especially down there. And whilst it can be tempting to use the change of seasons as an excuse to ‘let it go’, remember hairy IS scary! 

Especially when there’s no excuse for turning into an unsightly furry beast…

Our primitive sisters were different. They can be forgiven for letting it all ‘hang out’. After all, can you imagine trying to neaten up an overgrown bikini line with a makeshift axe? Of course not! But you? Unfortunately you have no such excuse. That’s because it’s easy (and relatively pain-free) to get the “ooh” without the “ouch”.

Just come and visit Madame Wax…

We’re on hand to stop spooky stubble freaking you out. And we’re darn good at showing embarrassing excess hair who’s boss.

So pop along and let’s replace that bushy undergrowth with superbly-neat, smooth lines – all with the help of our superior quality hot wax. (You know you want to).

Banish your scary excess hair this Halloween

Male hairy legs and armsHere at Madame Wax we have a range of treatments available for different body areas. In fact our top to toe menu is just the ticket. You can tame those underarms and de-fuzz your pins whilst you tidy up down below.

And guess what? This premium waxing service isn’t just for the ladies either!

Our Monsieur Wax menu caters for the menfolk who have ‘unwanted spiders’ lurking below! So why not treat someone special as well as yourself?

Your award-winning Madame Wax is here to make you feel relaxed and body confident. We know the thought of waxing can make some women freak out, but the reality of a wax is never as scary as you think – not when you’re in our treatment rooms.

Late nights needn’t be scary

You see we’re renown for making you feel secure and at ease. That’s why there are no unexpected scares and no ear-piercing screams here. Just a pain-free way to get hair-free.

And with our extended opening hours, lack of time needn’t be a reason to put off what you have to do. We’re open late on Tuesday, Wednesdays and Thursdays until eight and with most treatments complete within 30 minutes, wax quickies are also on the menu.

So despite Halloween lurking around the corner, there’ll be no screams of horror in your bedroom after a visit to Madame Wax.

Here’s to a fur-free Halloween!

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