Getting to know Madame Wax

In this week’s blog post we’re giving you the chance to get to know Madame Wax’s founder, Adele Sweet, a little bit better. For those following her already, you’ll know Adele loves a good Tweet but if you’ve not checked out her 140 character musings already you can follow her at:


Over to Adele:

What’s the best thing about your job? Being self-employed and choosing when I want to work. Having said that, I work round the clock and all too often there’s not enough hours in a day! I certainly work harder now than I ever did for an employer. I’m so lucky though to have wonderful, loyal customers that I look forward to coming into work each day for, as well as finding out all the stories of what they’ve been up to.

Worst thing about your job? Being self-employed (ironically)! No holiday or sick pay, no guarantee of a wage. Would I change it? Most certainly not!

Your desert island disc? Anything 80’s & 90’s.

Your desert island book? Twilight, I am 100% obsessed.

What’s your ‘me time’ treat? I absolutely HATE washing my hair so I often get it done in a hairdresser’s. Totally lazy, I know, but such a wonderful self indulgence.

Favourite place? Easy. Home.

What makes you smile? So many things really. I feel I’m such a positive person, but the first thing that springs to mind are of my two pups Sam (a rottie) & Alfie (a lab). They’re so cute, I swear. I’m in love with them.

Favourite place to eat in Cardiff? Bill’s, which is on the Hayes.

Favourite place to drink in Cardiff? Hmmm I love a cocktail so I’m going to say The Park Plaza – they do the best!

Guilty pleasure? I’m a total junk food addict and am always trying to go on a healthy eating plan. Never lasts for more than 3 weeks at a push. I’ll start tomorrow… 🙂

What couldn’t you live without? My moisturiser oh and my husband, he drives me crazy… I love to hate him (that’s our little saying).

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