Finalists: Welsh Hair & Beauty Awards 2015

Madame-Wax-WHABA-Finalist-PopUp-WebPlease forgive me going on about awards again, but I really can’t help myself! And besides, I think you ought to know our latest good news… because this time you helped!

Thanks to all our lovely customers, the Madame Wax team are in the running for the Welsh Hair & Beauty Awards 2015. Not only were we nominated for the Team/Service Award, but we reached the final! Woo hoo!

We’ve only made the shortlist because of your support. So I need to thank you – our wonderful customers – for helping us notch up enough votes to make the final cut. After winning the Cardiff Life Award so recently, we’re really blown away by all this.

We’ve not got long to wait to see if we’ve won; that’s because the final will be at Mercure Holland House, Cardiff on Sunday, 28th June. It’s going to be a glitzy affair and a nail-biting night. So please keep everything crossed for us.

But that’s not all…

On a personal level, I’m super excited because I’ve reached the Therapist of the Year final too. Yippee!

Professionally, this is a huge honour… and on a personal level, it’s sweet recognition for the care and dedication I’ve put into my waxing practice over the years.

Cardiff’s award-winning wax only salon

IMG_0771I’m chuffed that a specialist beauty treatment has made this prestigious final in two categories. It’s great to see waxing recognised at this high level. After all, the ability to deliver a top-notch wax treatment takes skill and dedication. Inexperienced hands can lead to fumbling and faffing – and that has a negative impact on the experience of you, the client. That’s why we’re so pleased that our skills have been recognised.

It’s only a wax, but…

homewax5If you’re a customer, you know the difference a Madame Wax treatment can make to your life. We know you come to us for that clean, fresh feeling and sleek, immaculate lines. What’s more, bare skin avoids those embarrassing lingerie moments. And let’s be honest… who wants to do yoga poses with the razor on a daily basis? Life is too busy for that!

We also know that you want to relax and not feel embarrassed. It’s why all the team do our best to make you feel at ease and ensure the treatment you receive is as pain-free as possible.

We want you to leave here with a spring in your step and that ‘ooh la la’ feeling, which we’re famous for. You deserve it.

But don’t take our word for it

We’re passionate about waxing in the salon, but don’t take our word for it. Instead, have a read of this small selection of testimonials from our happy customers. We love you all!

“I can honestly say hand on heart that it’s the best salon I’ve visited and nowhere has topped it. Staff make you feel extremely comfortable and have a very professional manner. Thank you Madame Wax.” – Megan Powell

“I actually enjoy going to see Madame Wax, rather than being terrified!” – Gemma White

“The friendly atmosphere (with a bit of banter which I love!), top tips and precise techniques, is the reason why I would never go anywhere else and will ALWAYS recommend family and friends to book in.” – Nadia Walker

“Not too many girls can say they look forward to going for a wax, but then not too many girls can have a chat, a laugh, and a bit of life advice whilst having their wax!! Fabulous, friendly and super professional!” – Stephanie Williamson

Sincere apologies to all those I left out, but there were so many nice comments and I could only choose a few!

Is it time you booked your Madame Wax?

IMG_0772If you’re yet to pay us a visit, but know the time has come to tame your lady garden, de-fuzz your underarms, or remove the jungle on your pins, just get in touch.

Don’t be nervous and don’t be shy. There’s nothing we haven’t seen and any initial embarrassment will be well worth the results. We promise to treat you with sensitivity and respect… in fact, you may even enjoy the experience! We’ve had that feedback before.


As you can see from the reviews, awards, and nominations, here at Madame Wax we don’t just consider ourselves professionals who can do a good job, more importantly we care about your experience.

To us, there’s no point in doing a good job if you aren’t comfortable while we’re doing it. Be honest: would you ever come again if that were the case (even if we did the best wax in the world?)

Probably not.

So you see, there’s nothing stopping you from experiencing “the best Brazilian Wax in Cardiff”.

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