Waxing FAQs

Madame Wax offers the best waxing in Cardiff


Please arrive clean and fresh.

Does Brazilian waxing hurt?

We’re not going to lie, it can be a bit uncomfortable, however we use a special technique and a special wax (non strip, hot wax) that does not adhere to the skin only hair, minimising any discomfort.

How long should my hair be?

A min of 1cm in length which is usually or 4-6 weeks of hair growth will be fine to get the best results.

Why waxing?

Waxing has many benefits – smoother for longer, sparser hair growth resulting in fewer treatments and feeling extra clean and extra sexy!

Roaccutane or Accutane

If you are using or have used a course of Roaccutane or Accutane it is advisable to wait 6 months from finishing the course before you have any waxing.

How can I avoid ingrowing hairs?

You’ll find that the wax we use and our hair removal technique will virtually eradicate any ingrowing hairs. In between waxing, we advise that you exfoliate the skin regularly and moisturise everyday as keeping the skin supple encourages new hair to break through more easily. We retail products in the salon that will help to eliminate them in between appointments.

Waxing after-care

After any waxing treatment please avoid:

  • Sunlight/sunbeds for 48hrs
  • Sauna/any heat treatment for 24hrs
  • Taking a bath/shower for 24hrs
  • Any exercise for 24hrs
  • Swimming for 24hrs
  • Deodorants for 24hrs