Exfoliating Scrub Recipe – Salt & Oats

You know that I am evangelical about exfoliation, right? Well, I’ve had a few clients mention to me that exfoliating scrubs can be expensive, and I agree. So I’ve decided to post my favourite homemade exfoliating scrub recipe on here for you to enjoy too –


80 grams of oats (something with enough body, so not Ready Brek!)

120 grams of rock salt

120 grams of powdered milk, like Coffee Mate

Some water or a little honey

A few drops of your favourite essential oil (my favourite is bergamot)

A handful of rose petals (if you have some available; if not, don’t worry!)

Sling all of the above ingredients except for the essential oil into a blender until it’s all nicely mixed. Put the contents into an airtight jar but mix in a few drops of the essential oil before you shut the lid (not too much, just one or two). Use a little water or honey to make a paste from the jar contents. Do it before you have a bath – scrub it on all over your skin concentrating on problem areas. Then lie back in the back, luxuriate in the hot water and relax! Rinse it off, apply moisturiser and revel in how smooth your skin feels!

Tie some pretty ribbon around the jar and Bob’s your uncle, you have a lovely handmade gift for someone too.

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