Don’t Let Unwanted Hair Come Between You And Your Man


I was speaking with a client a few days ago and something I said made her ears prick up.

I was happily chatting about how the partners of some of our clients pay for every other treatment (good men!) Yup. I’m not talking about the occasional birthday or going away treatment, I’m talking about a regular investment in their lady’s grooming.

Now this growing trend doesn’t surprise me. You see waxing isn’t just for women who want to feel a little “ooh la la” – waxing is for their man too!

Yup, partners definitely get the benefit of their lady’s boosted body confidence and spring in her step after she leaves our salon. And you know it’s true. With your unwanted hair gone and not a sign of stubble you feel – amazing.

But what does this little observation mean for you?

Well after reading about this trend I think you’ll fall in one of two camps:

  1. You’ll either be appalled at the thought of someone else paying for your pampering (because it’s your little treat and you want to keep it that way)


  1. You’ll be feeling a tad miffed as to why your man hasn’t been quite so quick to offer to part-fund your Madame Wax fix!

Now if you’re the latter I’ve got some good news! So keep reading… because this blog has been written with you in mind.

You see I’m going to reveal a cheeky way to entice your man to pay his ‘fair share’ – so you both can enjoy the latest trends in hot wax.

Here goes…

A gift card for you – that you can ‘sell’ as a gift for him

IMG_2350It’s only right that your man should appreciate the effort you put into the way you look.

Ladies who regularly wax are a classy sort. They like to look and feel good and their body confidence is important to them.

And maybe you’d like a little more of a good thing, and your man can help with that.

Now I’m not suggesting that you drag him down to the salon and demand his credit card. Not classy! And anyway, he may feel a tad uncomfortable arriving on your arm! That’s why you need a far more subtle approach – even better if you can make him think that it’s his idea (you know what the male ego is like).

That’s why we’ve made is SUPER EASY for men to buy a Madame Wax gift card.

And I really do mean easy because he can buy one from the comfort of this home (or office).

All he has to do is:

  1. Give us a ring at the salon
  2. Pay by card, loading as much credit as he wants (as a suggestion, £40 covers most treatments)
  3. Sit back, relax and wait for the card to arrive by recorded delivery – either to home or his place of work.

Easy… you get to enjoy more of the treatments you love, he gets you at your best, and everyone is happy.

(And when you put it like that, how can he resist!)

But how should you use your voucher?

5PY3M5GJGKWith card in hand, if you want some trusted ideas as to how to invest your gift remember that Robyn, Lindsey, Sheldon, and me are on hand to give you some ideas and advice as to what’s right for you.

But if you want something on-trend, you can’t go wrong with a Hollywood.

(I’m not talking about the Hollywood of A-list celebrities, blockbuster movies, and red carpet treatment – here at Madame Wax a “hollywood’ has a whole different meaning.)

A Hollywood is the ultimate intimate wax – we take everything off.

Yes it might feel a little daring, but it could reward you with (how can I say it?) a very special kind of personal life.

Sure a wax isn’t going to propel you to international stardom, but ‘going bare’ can do wonders for your body confidence and your self-esteem.

And if your Monsieur is feeling daring too, we can do a his n hers Hollywood. (You can see the full list of male wax treatments here).

Whisper in his ear

So what do you think? Are you ready to drop some subtle hints to entice your man to get a gift card for you?

(And if your man is unconvinced as to the power of a wax, tell him to read this blog about how a wax can increase your fun between the sheets.)

One more thing… feel free to tell him the team at Madame Wax are very nice. All he needs to say is “I want a gift card” and we’ll know what to do. It will all be very discrete and professional. He won’t feel embarrassed at all. I promise.

But now I’m left wondering…

How many of you lovely lot will be successful at persuading the man in your life to see sense!

If you discover any tips and tactics that work, why not share them in the comments below so everyone can benefit.

“Ooh la la!” 

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