DIY waxing

The current age of austerity has brought with it many millions of ways for us to save money. The notion of do this, that and the other yourself has dominated glossy magazines and the internet for months. But when it comes to your waxing, is this something you really want to try at home?


Cost savings

Home waxing kits are readily available and considerably cheaper than a salon appointment. However, this can present a bit of a false economy when considering the results of a DIY wax and the money you may have to spend rectifying the ‘damage’.

Convenience and the comfort of your own home

Obviously a DIY wax can happen wherever, whenever and in the comfort and privacy of your own home. That said, salon hours are extending and changing more and more to fit around busy working schedules and you honestly have nothing to fear when it comes to a respect for your privacy with Madame Wax.

No shared secrets leave the four walls of our consultation room and if you’re worrying about baring your more intimate bits, don’t. Madame Wax honestly has seen it all before.

Waxing is not as easy as it looks

You’ll need to purchase various waxing supplies in addition to the kit itself especially given most waxing formulas work best when heated.

Hard to reach spots

We all know what it’s like trying to apply sun cream to hard to reach areas. The same applies to waxing. It’s especially difficult to wax your own back for example.


A DIY wax will last nowhere near as long as one done in a salon. Whilst the wax itself may not differ that much, the way it is applied and removed will make all the difference when it comes to regrowth – especially as you may miss areas or break, rather than remove, hair.

Madame Wax is a speed demon in the salon

A home wax has the potential to take absolutely ages. Day in, day out, Madame Wax is expertly producing the finest Brazilians. It’s estimated that a home wax takes twice as long as a salon wax – and given Madame Wax’s efficiency, it could even take up to three times as long.

So ultimately it’s worth heading to a salon for your regular waxing. Home waxing really is a bit of a false economy so it’s time to book your next Madame Wax appointment today.

Have you ever tried home waxing?

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