Common waxing courtesies

We all love to know the right way to behave in given situations, don’t we? It’s safe to say there’s some nice, straightforward etiquette worth following in the world of waxing. I’m here today to give some top tips on ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’ pre, post and during a wax appointment.


You owe it to us to be as open and honest as possible. First time? Tell us, we don’t mind.

We most certainly owe it to you to make you at ease and for the experience to be as painless as possible.

If you’ve got questions, especially around prep, go ahead and ask them.

It’s definitely our job to make sure you’re all set for what’s ahead.

We both know how to tell the time so let’s make good use of that;

It’s rude for you to be late but even worse for us to not run to time. Showing up on time maximises your visit, minimises the stress involved and allows you to finalise any points of prep before the treatment begins.

Personal hygiene is the epitome of common courtesy when it comes to waxing. At Madame Wax we come to work looking and feeling nothing but our best.

You owe it to us to do the same – no post gym work out appointments. The best salons (like ours 🙂 will make sure you have the opportunity to have a quick wet-wipe freshen up before we get down to business!

Do your homework so you’re left fully satisfied with the job we’ve done.

If you book a basic bikini wax when you really want a Brazilian, there may not be time for us to fit you in – and that’s only going to leave you disappointed.

Want to go bare down there? Speak up and tell us. We want you to be nothing but happy with our work, but we can’t read minds 🙂

We like our clients to be on top of personal hygiene but be sure to leave the scissor work to us. Don’t feel the need to trim ahead of your appointment, it’s easier for us all to leave that kind of tidying up until after the treatment.

Whilst we at Madame Wax are fully respectful of your privacy we’re more than happy for you to tell all of your friends about us.

Do you have any waxing horror stories to share?

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