Award-Winning Madame Wax – Where Smart Girls Get Their Brazilian!

If you live in and around Cardiff, you’re no doubt familiar with the annual Cardiff Life Awards.

You may also be aware that the winners were announced on Thursday 19th March – and the good news is that Madame Wax won the Beauty Category!

That’s right. We’re an award-winning salon. Woo Hoo!

After our victory, Robyn and I have been on a massive high! Now that I’ve calmed down (a little), I’d love to reveal all the inside gossip on Madame Wax’s biggest night yet.

Here’s how it happened…

Madame Wax makes its BIG screen debut!

Madame Wax winsWe discovered that we’d been short-listed for this year’s awards back in February. As a result, the excitement has been steadily growing in anticipation of the finals for the last few weeks.

When the big night finally arrived there were around 350 people at the big gala awards dinner.

It was a very posh do which required squeezing into my best party frock. Check me out!

11081223_803399626415228_7486376940723920530_nThe food was delicious and the atmosphere was electric, but the nervous anticipation was killing me! You see the beauty category was an agonising second to last to be announced. And that meant a nail-biting, 90-minute wait.

But of course it was worth it.

I was a shaking wreck when the Madame Wax logo was displayed as the winner on the huge TV screens. It was an AMAZING experience and I wish I could have bottled up that feeling forever.

And while I’m personally, incredibly proud of this achievement, I couldn’t have done it alone

It’s all thanks to YOU

10690315_803399686415222_5304744629001493270_nMadame Wax is here to serve you – the busy women (and men) of Cardiff.

And while we know that coming for a wax is just a small part of your busy life, we aim to make your visit a positive experience. In short, we want you to have THE best wax possible so that you leave us feeling body confident and happy that you’ve had an on-trend wax that’s left NO hair standing.

Now we must be doing something right because our Facebook feed went absolutely MAD when we posted our winning news.

I can’t tell you how fantastic your good wishes and congratulatory messages have made Robyn and myself feel. Thanks so much for all the massive support you’ve shown us now and over the past year.

And while Robyn and myself are the faces you see day in, day out Madame Wax does have some fierce, behind-the-scenes supporters. You guys know who you are and this trophy is for you too.

Want an on-trend wax at Cardiff’s award-winning salon?

BeautyThe judges described us as “fun, cheeky, and successful.”

So if you’d like to experience the best Brazilian in Cardiff, then get yourself Madame Waxed.

With late night opening hours and convenient, 30-minute Brazilian treatment slots, we offer all the ‘ooh’ without the ‘ouch’ and make going hair-free pretty much pain-free!

So go on, release your skin this spring because with a Madame Wax you won’t need to keep anything hidden.

“Ooh la la!”

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