Brazilian Waxing

Madame Wax offers the best bikini wax in Cardiff

For the best bikini wax - whether that's a standard bikini wax, Hollywood wax or Brazilian wax - Madame Wax uses a combination of the latest waxing techniques. This superior luxury wax clings to the hair, not the skin, to make hair removal gentle, effective and far less painful on those sensitive areas. It’s especially good at removing coarse hair. And because it minimises hair breakage, you will find in-growing hairs less of a problem.

A min of 1cm of length which is usually 4- 6 weeks of hair growth is required to get the best results from your bikini wax and to continue feeling clean and sexy.

Treatment Description Wax therapist Senior wax therapist
Lola A classic bikini wax this is a quick removal in the knickerline and crease of leg 23 25
Roxie A high leg bikini wax, top & underneath 26 28
Nadine Narrow sides bikini wax, top & underneath 30 32
Kitten* A high leg bikini wax, top, underneath & butt crac 35 37
Lili* Narrow sides bikini wax, top, underneath & butt crac 37 39
Dita* Our signature Hollywood wax that removes everything 42 44
Rhiannon* Brazilian wax this includes butt crack, inner/outer labia with just a small strip left 42 44
Jessie X Brazilian wax plus buttocks, lower back and navel 75 78
Candi Butt crack only 20 22
Kylie Just the bum cheeks! 20 22
Marilyn Butt crack and buttocks 35 37
*DELUXE ADD ON Add part buttocks and an extended bikini wax to any of the above marked with a * 10 10

Wax Pack 1

Full leg & classic bikini wax (Lola)
£55 (wax therapist) / £60 (senior wax therapist)

Wax Pack 2

Full leg, Brazilian/Hollywood & underarm
£87 (wax therapist) / £94 (senior wax therapist)

24-hour cancellation/amendment notice is politely requested as a charge may apply. 1cm in length which is usually 4-6 weeks hair growth is required to receive the best wax experience.