100% Money Back Guarantee On Waxing in Cardiff

Does your waxing salon offer a 100% money back guarantee? Madame Wax does.  The reason we do this is because we want you to experience a really good, on-trend wax… because it can change the way you feel. We call the body confidence that comes from waxing “ooh la la”. It’s unmissable – even addictive! It’s one of the reasons hundreds of […]

Here’s How To Help a Nervous Wax Virgin

I’m curious… Can you remember how you felt before your first wax? Perhaps you were nervous it would hurt? Were you worried that you’d feel embarrassed? Maybe the thought of displaying your nether regions to a stranger totally freaked you out! But then what happened when you actually went through with it? To be specific, […]

Don’t Let Unwanted Hair Come Between You And Your Man

I was speaking with a client a few days ago and something I said made her ears prick up. I was happily chatting about how the partners of some of our clients pay for every other treatment (good men!) Yup. I’m not talking about the occasional birthday or going away treatment, I’m talking about a […]

Hairy Is Scary – Banish Those Halloween Spiders TODAY!

Be warned… With Halloween is on its way, you may have a lot more to fear than the pesky ‘trick or treaters’ who’ll be hounding your doorstep in their crazy costumes on their quest for sweets. Instead, you’ve got to deal with that creature in your feature… because it’s getting bigger – and there’s no getting […]

How To Feel Young And Youthful If You Live In Cardiff

If you’ve ever had that just waxed ‘ooh la la’, then you’ll know what I mean… The before and after difference is visible… seriously, you should see how our clients confidently leave the salon after their treatment. Somehow, they stand just a little taller. It’s fab! And here’s the thing… A top-notch wax isn’t just about the […]

Where To Get A Last-Minute Wax In Cardiff

Regular waxing will keep you hair free for up to three weeks – hurrah! But what happens if you want that ‘just waxed feeling’ at super short notice? If you’re a Madame Wax customer, you’ll know it’s virtually impossible to book a same day treatment – we’re chockablock and well booked up in advance. Honestly, […]

Finalists: Welsh Hair & Beauty Awards 2015

Please forgive me going on about awards again, but I really can’t help myself! And besides, I think you ought to know our latest good news… because this time you helped! Thanks to all our lovely customers, the Madame Wax team are in the running for the Welsh Hair & Beauty Awards 2015. Not only […]

Waxing: How To Prepare Your Summer Body

Woo hoo! Spring is definitely here, and the early warmth of summer is beginning to sneak up on us. And that means one thing… It’s time to prime your beach body and get yourself ready for those long lazy evenings. Here are our top tips to help you feel body beautiful: 1.  Exfoliate Exfoliation as […]