Being Sick When You’re Self-Employed

You may recall that my last blog post was all about my valiant efforts to get to work in the snow. I was a warrior, battling through the ice to reach my destination in spite of it all! Well, I think I may have tempted fate with those words. Pride comes before a fall, right?

A fortnight ago, I was so ill that I was confined to my sick bed for days on end, while Monsieur Wax mopped my fevered brow with a damp flannel and fed me chicken broth. This meant no work, just rest. It’s not something I’m used to. My immune system is usually as strong as a concrete elephant, and because my salon is so clean, it means germs don’t stand a chance. Somehow, one or two got to me two weeks ago though.

This got me to thinking about being ill when you’re self-employed. What’s that saying…..”No show, no dough”? Well, it’s so much more than the fact that you don’t earn money when you’re sick. Being ill means also being racked with guilt that you’re letting clients down, the very life blood of your business.

Sometimes though, you just have to accept that you need time to recover, and trust that your customers will understand. And having spoken to each one, I know that they do.

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