Baby it’s cold outside…

But come rain or shine here’s why we think you ought to keep up your waxing in winter

It’s definitely colder out there now, isn’t it? September usually means slow cooked casserole suppers, dialling up the central heating thermostat and burying ourselves under a blanket on the sofa after a hard day at work.

But just because you’re covering up this winter, we don’t think you should put your waxing on hold.


All summer you will have got on top of your hair growth and regrowth patterns. Suddenly letting it all get a bit wild and out of hand is only going to mean that when you want your summer wax to last for that golden 4-6 week period it’s just not going to happen. Haphazard regrowth can also be pretty painful to remove.

Don’t whatever you do think it’s a good idea to get the razor out. Surely you can’t have forgotten about all the teenage angst associated with hacking your hair off from intimate places with razor? You don’t stoop so low in summer, so why all of a sudden with a change in season do you want to give the Bic a whirl in winter? Cue ingrown hairs that clog up follicles, leading to a nasty rash and quite often painful itching. If you suffer a nasty nick from the razor you could even be subjected to some shocker permanent scars.

Winter weather can often drag us down a bit, can’t it? It’s safe to say, not looking after yourself as well in winter is only going to compound the issues that come with a change of season. There’s a lot to be said for how a wax can pop an instant spring in your step – rain, snow or shine!

For sunshine and smiles all through winter, pop along and see us at Madame Wax.

How often do you wax in winter?

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