Our Awards

Award-Winning Madame Wax

Madame Wax is your multi award-winning specialist waxing salon – a fact that makes us incredibly proud.

Whilst client feedback is our top priority, we enjoy receiving external recognition from business and industry experts too.

You see, here at Madame Wax we’re on a mission.

We want to raise the waxing bar and deliver a customer experience that gets people talking. And our collection of awards is proof that we’ve achieved this.

Here’s the thing…

Waxing is a specialist skill. It takes experience, advanced training, and an eye for detail to deliver the high quality wax treatments that have won us awards and that our clients enjoy.

That’s why these awards mean so much. It’s proof that our service is top-notch.

But this is no accident… we’ve achieved this success because Madame Wax is a specialist salon. Our hand-picked waxologists do nothing but wax. It means no inexperienced fumbling, no unwanted hairs left standing, and all the “Ooh” without the “Ouch”.

No wonder our five-star reviews on Facebook keep mounting up – as do our list of awards. It’s hard to deliver this level of service consistently when you’re a generalist. And that’s why this recognition means so much to use.

So don’t settle for less than you deserve.

Instead, book a treatment and experience our award-winning customer service for yourself.

We can’t wait to watch you strut out of the salon oozing with our signature “Ooh la la!”

What the judges said

Best Customer Service – National Entrepreneur Awards:

“Madame Wax recruits only the best and her priority is to hire for attitude and then train for skill. This approach has enabled her to build up a team who pay great attention to detail, who are caring and trusted, but also ooze personality and fun.

As a team, they’re always asking themselves ‘How can we make the customer experience even better?’ and clients really do look forward to their appointment as evidenced by the massive number of extraordinary testimonials.

This superb level of customer service has resulted in significant growth for the business over the last couple of years and has led to the ladies of Cardiff waxing lyrical (!) about them…”

BABTAC Awards – Finalist

“Barring a few minor recommendations, the overall rating for Madame Wax was extremely high and the salon would be recommended highly to others too – you should be very proud of your achievements.”

Cardiff Life – Beauty Category Winner (2015)

The judges described us as “fun, cheeky, and successful.”