Meet Madame Wax

Adele Sweet, Cardiff's Madame WaxHi, I’m Adele, your staight-talking “Madame Wax”.

I founded Madame Wax, right here in Cardiff in March 2011.

Unlike other local beauty salons, we specialise in waxing – nothing else. It’s one of the reasons why we’ve got a reputation for offering “the best bikini wax in Cardiff”.

Fanatical about hair removal

Hot waxing is our craft and our specialism – and we’re really good at it. Just check out the happy feedback from countless clients (including celebrities) who wouldn’t trust their unwanted hair to anyone else.

Giving you peachy soft skin

I’m a stickler for fine detail and take pride in giving the best wax possible. I get out every last hair – so you get the good finish and clean lines you desire. Yes I’m picky, but it’s why so many clients leave my salon feeling well groomed and oozing with body confidence.

Become hair-free – without the pain

Sure, I’ve heard lots of waxing horror stories. But because we only offer waxing, there’s no faffing or inexperienced fumbling. At Madame Wax you’ll always get an efficient, confident treatment. And because we only use superior hot wax, becoming hair-free, is virtually pain-free. You really do get all the “Oooh” without the “ouch”.

Don’t look down!

And don’t worry about your modesty! Our welcoming service and cheerful conversation will keep you more than distracted from what’s going on (and anyway, we’ve seen just about EVERYTHING already – you won’t shock us).

In fact, we’re happy to say we’ve won over wax virgins, as well as clients who’ve had bad experiences in the past. Once they’ve experienced a Madame Wax, they never shave again.

Get the most sought-after bikini wax in Cardiff

Want to sort out your unwanted hair?

Then book your Madame Wax NOW. Just check out the Waxing Menu and book your perfect combination of hair-free treatments.

With Madame Wax, you don’t have to feel like a hairy beast any more…

So get gorgeous. Get “Ooh la la”. Get the best hot wax in Cardiff.